The Department of Internet Ministries is pleased to offer the following set of hosting packages to fit the different needs of the Orthodox parishes in America. If you have questions about any of these packages or the individual components, please check out our FAQ page or email us.

Web Hosting Packages

Plan Details Monthly Cost
Plan Storage Monthly Bandwidth GOA Parishes  Non-GOA Parishes
A 1 GB 12 GB Free $4
B 2 GB 24 GB $4 $6
C 4 GB 48 GB $8 $12
D Single Page Template Free N/A


The Pricing Categories are as follows:

  • GOA Parishes - for all GOA Parishes
  • Non-GOA Parishes - for all Other Parishes under the Assembly of Bishops and other Orthodox ministries

General Hosting Information

Plans A-C are designed for parishes with experienced website designers. To get started with one of these plans, please fill out our services request form.

Website Templates

Free website templates are offered for parishes and organizations of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America at no cost. Each template package comes with ready-to-go CSS files, HTML files, supplementary graphics, articles on Orthodox Christianity, and the Online Chapel Snippet. Visit our Template gallery to learn more.

Single Page Template

For parishes who are unable to take care of a website but still want one, we offer a simple template that offers everything you need to convey through a website all in a single page. See "SP001-r" in our template gallery for a preview.

Domain Name Registration

Using Parish's Own Domain Name (

Internet ministries fully supports parishes who have registered their own domain names. We recommend using any registrar who provides DNS services for free, as this makes the setup process very simple. Some of these include,,, and .

Using A Free Domain Address

Internet Ministries will provide parishes with a free domain address.  The parish web site address would follow the pattern of “www” followed by the parish name, followed by the 2 letter abbreviation of the parish's  state,  followed by “”. For example Saint George in Brockton, Massachusetts' address might be:

For more information, visit our support site.

SSL Registration and Hosting

Parish are welcome to purchase SSL Certificates for their website and our department can assist in getting it installed. For more info: