An interesting finding is that on Easter Sunday in 1999, 12% of atheists and agnostics in America attended a Christian church service. That's nearly one million adults. We can assume that the vast majority of the unchurched, who hold to some type of belief in God, will show up at church at least once per year. The question we then must ask ourselves is, "Will we be ready for them?"

Visitors' names, addresses and telephone numbers should be obtained using either a guest book or a visitor card. Prompt follow-up with visitors is critical. Follow-up with prospective parish members would include a personal note of welcome with an invitation to participate in worship, along with a schedule of upcoming services and a copy of the church bulletin. Personal contact will increase immensely the likelihood that the visitor will return.

A print-ready visitor card, customized with your parish information, may be obtained electronically (Adobe PDF) or in hard copy by contacting the Department of Outreach & Evangelism.