For several years, the parish of St. Catherine Greek Orthodox Church of Greenwood, Colorado has offered an Introductory Class to Christianity and Orthodox Theology. The course has been instrumental in bringing people to the faith and in educating them about our church's rich heritage and traditions. There is no doubt that the class has become one of their primary vehicles for catechism and adult religious education. The course is offered twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring, over a ten-week period and attendance is robust. It is not unusual to have over thirty participants with over half of those coming from outside the parish.

Many of the participants have heard very little about Orthodoxy and are just beginning to investigate our faith; others come to the class having read about the faith extensively. Those who were raised in the Orthodox faith are also encouraged to attend the class and many in the parish have done so. The class is also a requirement for our Church School Teachers, Advisors, etc.

This Introduction to Orthodoxy class has contributed to the religious education, and more importantly the spiritual formation of the parish in a significant way. The offering of such a class could be seen as a requirement for successful ministry in America.