Memorial Plaque at Ionian Village

Memorial Plaque at Ionian Village

In 2013, a young camper named Katherine Norton captured the hearts of Staff and admin alike at Ionian Village. Only a few years later, Katherine passed away after a prolonged illness, and yet her memory lived on in the hearts of many of the people who were at the camp with her. In 2017, following the historic tornado devastation at Ionian Village, the camp reached out to Katherine’s family and asked for permission to plant a rose garden, full of unique pink roses, Katherine’s favorite color, in honor of her memory.

After many years, this summer her parents Stuart and Anastasia Norton were able to visit the camp, at the invitation of Director of Ionian Village Marina Floratos, in order to lay a plaque in the garden, and commemorate the garden with a special blessing.

May her memory be eternal!

Photo: GOARCH/Ionian Village

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