Live with the Louhs: The Struggles of 2020 on our Youth

On this week's episode of "Live with the Louhs," Fr. Nicholas and his wife, Dr. Roxanne Louh, a Clinical Psychologist, will be speaking to Steven Christophorou, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America about the impacts that the struggles of 2020 have had on our youth. Then, in this week’s portion of the Louh Down, a final encouraging message from Fr. Nicholas and Dr. Roxanne, the Louhs share some practical steps that parents, teachers, and youth workers can utilize to bring God's beloved children closer to Him and their purpose, during these difficult times. Join the Louhs in this informative conversation this Sunday from 6:30a.m.-7:30a.m on 77WABC radio or download their podcast afterwards by going to the radio station's website at, If you have any comments or questions for the Louhs, please email them at [email protected]. To find out more about the Louhs, their ministry and their brand new book, Renewing You: A Priest, A Psychologist and A Plan, please visit their website at

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