Let Us Live Orthodoxy is a six-volume series by Georget Photos, to be published in 2010–2013:

  1. The Nativity of Christ, St. Basil & the New Year, and Holy Theophany
  2. The Triodion to Great Lent
  3. Pascha to Pentecost
  4. Creation and the Environment
  5. The Saints
  6. Vestments and the Church

These are not mere craft books: Let Us Live Orthodoxy is a hands-on approach that leads young people to understand and respect the traditions of the Church, enabling them to actively include these traditions in their lives. These sessions include discussions to prompt questions that might otherwise lie dormant.

Volume 1: Nativity to Theophany


Using crafts, recipes, and projects, the first volume of Let Us Live Orthodoxy helps youth directors, religious educators, and clergy illuminate youth groups, retreats, and classrooms with the joy of the Christmas season. The 10 activities in this book include making incense, baking Christopsomo, and exploring the symbolism of Theophany, in addition to unique extensions of favorite activities.

Presbytera Georget Photos and her husband, Fr. Dean Photos, have led these exercises in their parishes with astonishing success. Youth of all ages gain a new understanding of the winter feast days, traditions, and history, and the services that bind the holiday season together.

Ages 10–18, 70 pages
Item CR050

Contact: Department of Religious Education

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