When our sons were younger, it was my custom to always try and be home for the evening meal. At the supper table, we would discuss the events of the day. Each day I would ask, "What happened today?", and almost every day their answer was always, "Nothing!" It seemed to them that their day was dull and uneventful. Like most of us, they had been deceived into thinking that all results must be immediate and visible if they are of any value.

They needed to learn of patience, and so do we. Only eternity can determine the value of each day lived sincerely in faith before God. Small things that are soon forgotton may have a significance in time that presently escapes us. The words we spoke today, whether they were harsh or kind, will have an effect that will live longer than we. How can we ever measure the value of a single encouraging word spoken to another? We visited a sick friend and shared a word of good cheer. How can we measure the worth of such a deed? We took the time to visit a shut-in and keep him company for a time. Can anyone measure the value of our loving concern?

At the end of our day, it may be that we offered a simple prayer to God. To us it seemed insignificant and of little value. But the fact is that prayer may do more for the good of humanity than shall ever be revealed to you and me. Over this blessed land perhaps countless other similar prayers joined with yours to ascent before the throne of God our Father. How can we ever know what the result will be? God alone judges history from the point of eternity, so He alone knows the value of every deed.

We should not be discouraged. Deeds do not need to be great in order for them to be valued by God. When we do the best we can, we may well be changing the course of history. What we do, no matter how insignificant it may seem, spreads out from us until it reaches the end of the universe. No day, therefore, is a day in which nothing happens. For good or for bad, in what we offer, and by what we withhold, we change the world. And we know we make progress when, in each day, we include something done for the Lord.