Office of Ionian Village Hosts Decades Meeting for Alumni

Although the Ionian Village Summer Program was cancelled due to COVID-19, many former participants (campers, staff members, former administration, medical volunteers and clergy) were given the opportunity to gather online.  Weekly “virtual” reunions were held from mid-July through mid-August. These reunions were organized into decades (1970’s, 80’s,90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s) and were hosted by Fr. Gary Kyriacou, the current Director of Ionian Village. 

Former Ionian Village Directors, Fr. Costas Sitaras, Michael Pappas, Fr. Constantine Lazarakis, and Fr. Evagoras Constantinides also attended to express their love for the program and the impact it had on their lives. Gratitude and devotion were expressed to all of them from the many alumni that enthusiastically participated.

Participants were introduced to Fr. Gary, each other, and updated on what IV has been working on the last few years and months. Afterwards, everyone was asked the same themed question: “How did IV transform your life?” Many gave emotional testimonials about the impression the ministry had on them and revealed miracles attributed to St. Dionysios, St. Gerasimos and St. Nektarios. Several voiced gratitude for the ministry that introduced them to their spouse, as others shared the exhilaration of watching their children experience the beauty of the program. All generations expressed appreciation for this life-transforming program that specifically caters to the faith development of our Youth by introducing them to our heritage and faith in a way unlike any other ministry of its kind.

If you are one of the 18,000 Alumni that experienced IV (former campers, staff members, medical team, clergy, and bungalow families), please visit the following website to register as an alumni and receive information on upcoming alumni events:

Alumni Facebook group:

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