Finding Resilience in Times of Crisis

Finding Resilience in Times of Crisis

Tools for Emotional and Spiritual Care

The damage from a disaster or crisis extends far beyond shattered homes and businesses. There are emotional injuries, too: the wounds of losing a home, a livelihood, or maybe even loved ones. That’s why IOCC developed Care Compass, a suite of tools designed to map ways individuals and communities can create a path toward resilience,digitizing elements of IOCC’s emotional and spiritual care work. 

Featuring modules on self-care, grieving with hope, family dynamics, and building resilient communities, Care Compass offers downloadable resources, including short videos by IOCC Frontliners. Frontliners—a group of disaster counselors, clergy, and other trained professionals—share their hard-won experience to help communities recover spiritually as well as physically.

As we enter the new year—especially with the pandemic still a part of daily life—it’s important that we help each other weather any kind of disaster. IOCC’s Care Compass represents new and creative ways to help us care for each other.

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