Several days ago, I read with interest the story of the construction of the suspension bridge that arches so gracefully over Niagara Falls. In order for the task to begin, it was necessary to connect the two land masses upon which the ends of the bridge would rest. This was done by attaching a thread to a kite. When the wind blew, the kite went across. Then on to the thread they attached a string and pulled it across. The string was then used to bring across a rope which finally had the strength to carry over the first lenghth of steel cable.

Who would have thought that the mighty bridge found its start in a single, weak, and unpromising lenghth of thread? And yet, that modest beginning grew into the great bridge that millions have admired.

Faith is also like that bridge. More often than not, faith finds its beginnings in the things that are also as small and unpromising as the thread of which we have spoken. Christ in fact promised that the amount of faith needed in order to begin our journey need only be as large as a tiny single mustard seed. (Matthew 13:31).

But we must act on that faith. We must take the step of trust no matter how small it might be. Our faith might be no stronger than a thin, tiny thread; nonetheless, if it is to become stronger and greater it must soar with the kite. Through action faith grows, gathers strength, and moves us to greater trust and confidence. This is how faith is enlarged. No faith ever started large, but no faith ever grew from its small beginning without our action.