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  1. A Board Game—Play any of the numerous board games out there. Board games are and excellent tools for interaction. Some of our favorites for families are Cranium, Apples to Apples, and Pictionary
  2. Music Night—Have each family member play their favorite song and explain why they like it. In addition, you could have everyone share their favorite church hymn and why they like it.
  3. Charades—Always fun for the whole family. All you need is some paper and pencil to write down some items. Guaranteed lots of laughs!
  4. Walk or Hike—It can be just around the neighborhood or somewhere slightly off the beaten path. On your hike, take a copy of Psalm 103 from Vespers.
  5. Cooking—Bake cookies for a neighbor or a surprise meal for grandma. Be creative and try something new like making pasta from scratch or rolling your own sushi. Also, see if your family can make a Prosforo for church or offer an Artoclasia for the health of your family. Talk to your parish priest for guidance and scheduling.

The list is limitless—come up with your own simple ways you can spend more time together as a family and spend more time with God.