Outreach Sunday

A Day of Renewal, Outreach, and Evangelism for Orthodox Christians, Family, and Friends. 

In cooperation with the Ladies Philoptochos Society and the Center for Family Care at Saint Basil Academy, the Department of Outreach & Evangelism has developed a program for a Family Outreach Sunday in which active members are invited to bring inactive family members and Orthodox Christian friends for a special day of Christian fellowship and spiritual renewal. On this site you will find links to materials for organizing a Family Outreach Sunday in your parish. This program is modeled on successful programs that have been carried out in Birmingham and Milwaukee parishes. We encourage you to choose a Family Sunday in November that best fits your calendar.

  • Outline: How to hold a Family Outreach Sunday in Your Parish (Adobe PDF)
  • Bulletin Insert 1 - Who will you bring to Church on Family Outreach Sunday? (Adobe PDF)
  • Bulletin Insert 2 - A Day of Outreach & Fellowship for Orthodox Christians (Adobe PDF)
  • Bulletin Insert 3 - I've been away from the church for a while. Should I receive communion? (Microsoft Word)
  • Poster - Family Outreach Sunday (Adobe PDF)
  • Sample Invitation and Reply (Adobe PDF)
  • Additional Bulletin Material (Microsoft Word)
  • Outreach Sunday (Article)
  • Family Outreach Sunday Follow-up (Adobe PDF)
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