Department of Religious Education Releases New Resources

Department of Religious Education Releases New Resources

The Department of Religious Education has released the following new resources in support of the ongoing curriculum update and revisions for parish religious education programs. 

Knowing Christ Student Book and Teacher Guide. This is a complete makeover of an older booklet with the same title. Aimed for junior high school age students, Knowing Christ explores the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, the historical and social context in which He lived, the dogmatic teachings of the Church about Christ, and the liturgical feasts that celebrate His life. The Teacher Guide contains seven lessons that engage students so that they can reflect on their own lives and deepen their personal connection to Christ.

The Church: We Are One in Christ Teacher Guide. This Teacher Guide supports the existing zine for high school students of the same title. Over seven sessions, the students are involved with how the Church is a community of fellowship, a worshipping community, a serving community, and a community with a message to be proclaimed. In addition, the students are invited to consider how the Church is “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.” They also are given an introduction to the history of the Church in America. Finally, the students are exposed to the global organization and mission of the Church, especially the role of the Ecumenical Patriarchate.

Growing With God Teacher Guides. This is a set of two teacher guides, which supports and completes the resource package for fourth graders. Part II of the Teacher Guide deals with the second half of the fourth grade materials. Part III covers the final unit of fourth grade, which is a study of the feasts of the Virgin Mary.

These projects had been begun prior to the pandemic and were put on hold as the Department engaged with meeting the immediate needs of parish life last spring. As we anticipate life returning to normalcy by the fall 2021, the decision was made to complete them.

All of these resources, as well as many others, are available on


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