Practicing Prayer: A Daily Workbook

Developing a habit of prayer is crucial to the Christian life, but many people find the process confusing and intimidating. In this 28-day workbook, Fr. Alexander Goussetis breaks the process down into accessible steps. With each day's exercise, you will practice and journal about a new aspect of prayer, gradually incorporating each one into a sustainable daily prayer rule that is customized for you. Purchase here.


The Journey of Marriage in the Orthodox Church

This book invites couples to prepare for their journey together by introducing God's purpose for marriage, some of the challenges they will encounter along the way, and practical advice for preparing together. The Journey of Marriage helps couples explore their own relationship as they consider married life together. Designed to be read in collaboration with your parish priest. Purchase here.


Crowns of Glory and Honor! Growing Together in Christ

A book for all couples, whether courting or married for many years. It draws upon the rich prayer tradition of the Orthodox Church, Scripture, the wisdom of the saints, and the sacraments to guide couples into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another. Each brief chapter includes prompts for prayer, discussion, and reflection. Purchase here.