Archiepiscopal Encyclical for Father’s Day - 2023

Prot. No. 169/2023

Archiepiscopal Encyclical for Father’s Day

June 18, 2023

Unto the Most Reverend and Right Reverend Hierarchs, Pious Priests and Deacons, the Monks and Nuns, Presidents and Members of Parish Councils, Honorable Archons of the Ecumenical Patriarchate, Members of Leadership 100, the Day and Afternoon Schools, Philoptochos Societies, the Youth, Greek Orthodox Organizations, and the entirety of the Christ-named Plenitude of the Holy Archdiocese of America:

Jesus said to them: “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” Immediately they left their nets and followed Him. (Matthew 4:19-20)

My Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

This Father’s Day, I once again request our entire Archdiocese to remember and celebrate the “fathers” of our parishes across the country. Our clergy give so much to their ministries, responding unhesitatingly to the call of our Lord Jesus Christ, leaving behind the advantages of secular life and serving as “fishers of men.”

We combine this day to remember our earthly fathers with an important consideration for our priestly “fathers in Christ.” We ask that each parish make a special collection to support the Clergy Pension Fund. Working with the Archdiocesan Presbyters Council, great strides have been made to secure the Fund, but there is always a need, so your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Our clergy are certainly deserving of their benefits, especially after long years of ministry. Let us join together to encourage them and to ensure that they have the resources to conduct their ministries and, at the same time, sustain their lives and families. Let us celebrate this Father’s Day by remembering all our fathers in Christ; for they are the ones charged with the command of the Gospel to fill nets of salvation with souls, destined for life everlasting.

With Thankfulness and Paternal Love in Christ,


Archbishop of America

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