Archbishop Elpidophoros Remarks at the 120th Anniversary of the Nisyrian Society of New York

His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros

Remarks at the 120th Anniversary of the

Nisyrian Society of New York

May 11, 2024

Hilton Long Island – Melville, New York


Esteemed Stavros Plangentis, President of the Nisyrian Society of New York,

Past Presidents, Fotios Papamichael and Evangelos Kamvisios,

Maestro George Hatzinikolaou, tonight’s honoree,

Gala Chairperson, Nicholas P. Papamichael,

Esteemed Board Members of the Society and the Gala and Journal Committee,

Dear Friends of the wondrous Island of Nisyros!


Χριστὸς Ἀνέστη! Christ is Risen!

It is truly a delight to be with all of you this evening, and to share in this celebration of your Society, which is a remarkable one hundred and twenty years young! Such an amazing history and legacy – one of which you all should be so very proud. I certainly am, because the Omogeneia is infinitely richer because of you, especially in the Tri-State region.

I am honored to celebrate the fifth anniversary of my election to be Archbishop of America with you, and in your wonderful company.

I also want to say a word of blessing and gratitude, in advance of tomorrow, to all the mothers who are with us – grandmothers, godmothers, and indeed, spiritual mothers. Without our mothers, nothing is possible. And with them, everything is. And we remember our mothers who have gone before us to eternal rest in the hope of the Resurrection. May their memory be eternal!

Indeed, this island of Nisyros is the mother to all of you, and she has nourished you in ways that are marvelous and miraculous. To think, that from such a physically small island, the Greek-American community has been formed by so many of you – proud Nisyrians all! As you are well aware, you are even mentioned in the Iliad of Homer, a manifestation of your essential Hellenism.[1]

Perhaps it is because of the volcanic history of the island that the impact made by Nisyrians is so powerful. You come from a place of tremendous energy and vitality! Nisyros has one of the most significant geothermal fields in all of Greece, a testament to the spirit and power of its inhabitants and its πατριώτες, here and around the world.

This anniversary year that honors your unification, your past presidents, and Maestro Hatzinikolaou, is truly a cause for celebration and rejoicing in the whole Greek community.

Your contributions to the life of the Omogeneia – especially in New York – have many and varied blessings. You have exceptional families that offer leadership throughout the Church and broader society. You have exceptional communities, including Saints Anargyroi in Manhattan that exemplify the best of the Island’s traditions.

And you have a loyalty and devotion to your native home worthy of the highest commendation. So many of you make the pilgrimage home to Nisyros every year, or as often as you can. You make the trek to light candles at Panagia Spiliani and pray for the souls of your ancestors and the souls of your children.

All of this is to say that you are righteously proud of your heritage, your ancestry, and the legacy bequeathed to you by the πρωτοπόροι who left Nisyros for a new life here in America, and particularly in New York.

You have done a great service to your Island and your history by bonding together, and manifesting your integrity and your unity on behalf of your wonderful Island. You honor those who came before you, and you honor those yet to be born; for they will be born into a community of living and lively memory.

They will be able to have access to all of the joys and pleasures of Nisyrian culture right here in America. And for those who are able, who can make the trip home, they will find the Island not only hospitable, but they will find it be their home as well.

Because this Society – this fellowship of Nisyrians, will instill in the future generations the values and ethos of this small but very powerful Island. A sacred τόπος that lives in all your hearts, because being Nisyrian is a gift surpasses, a gift that embraces.

Therefore, with every good wish and with hearty congratulations for all, I extend my every blessing to the Nisyrian Society of New York for this all-important anniversary. You have so very much to be proud of, and your will be prouder still, because of your bright and blesséd future.

May God grant you all “Many Years!”

Χριστὸς Ἀνέστη!


[1] Iliad β, 676.

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