New Year Message from His Eminence Archbishop Elpidophoros of America

My beloved brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let us welcome this New Year – the centennial year of our Sacred Archdiocese of America – with a commitment to the renewal of our Church and of ourselves.

We are not yet past the challenges of the present time. But together – in the bonds of unity and peace – we can meet them, and we can overcome them. We came back in 2021 and made great strides. And we can do the same in this New Year of God’s grace in our lives, too.

This year of 2022 holds great promise for our Church in America. Through the Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church and National Shrine, we are on the verge of a national presence that we have never known. And by God’s grace, we will consecrate the Shrine during the centenary Clergy-Laity Congress this Summer on the Fourth of July.

We have so much to share with society as whole – namely,
the spiritual treasures of Orthodoxy;
the civilizational values of Hellenism;
and the positive fellowship of our communities.
Therefore, my heartfelt prayer for 2022 is this:
That we will renew our spirits in the deep wellsprings of our Orthodox Christian faith;
that we will edify and strengthen the unity of our Sacred Archdiocese;
and that we will shine the light of Christ on the world through the precious gifts of our Church.

And so, may 2022 truly be a year of the Grace of our Lord, and a special blessing for us and the world around us, as we celebrate the one hundredth anniversary of our Sacred Archdiocese.

A happy, safe and healthy New Year to all.