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My beloved students

Of the Greek-American Day Schools, Greek Afternoon/ Saturday Schools and Sunday Schools,

Today, with the Agiasmos (Blessings) a new school year begins, a new journey, a journey not to unknown destinations, but to the knowledge, exploration and learning of the Greek language, Greek culture, and our Orthodox faith and traditions.

In this educational journey no matter how difficult it may be, you should know that you are not alone, because you have your parents and teachers beside you, who love and support you in your endeavor to cultivate, and make your own, all of the above cultural elements, giving their best in order to provide you with a comprehensive education, and also an enjoyable school experience.

I too, wish to become your companion on this beautiful and exciting educational journey as well as a participant in your joy, since returning to school means reuniting with your friend.  I, therefore, address each of you personally, sending you my warm paternal wishes for progress and prosperity. May the good Lord give you the strength and enlightenment to meet your learning responsibilities, rewarding you with His grace for your labors on your path to acquire knowledge.

Have a Happy and Blessed School Year!

+ Archbichop Elpidophoros of America