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Interreligious Marriage and Children - FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions about Interreligious Marriage and Children

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Question:  "My future wife and I are continuing to discuss our hopes and plans for the future and we are fully committed to one another, to having a family together and raising our children in a loving and supportive home.  I am seeking your insight and advice on how we can best accomplish this and raise our children as much as possible to be good, kind and successful people."

Answer: Identify and work out any potential parenting disagreements you might have regarding future children.

In addition, while it's not inappropriate for interreligious couples to expose the children to both partners' religious and cultural traditions, parents in an interreligious home must be more sensitive about the effects this process might have on their children's religious and cultural development.

Interreligious parents should also be familiar with their partner's religious and cultural tradition and express any discomfort respectfully whenever possible. This ground rule will help model respect for religious and cultural differences among all members of the family. 

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