Fully Human: Toward Full Participation of People with Disabilities

Fully Human: Mission

The Mission of Fully Human is to: 
~ Provide support, resources and replicable ministry models
~ Remove misunderstandings about disabilities 
~ Affect change toward full participation of people with disabilities and their families in the life of Orthodox Christian parishes.


Presvytera Melanie DiStefano, Resource Developer for the GOA Center for Family Care, welcomes you to the Fully Human webpage.

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By lifting up the various sayings and life examples of Saints who faced physical and intellectual challenges in their lives, we aim to edify, encourage, and equip persons with special needs and their caregivers to realize and energize their special calling in the Lord. Jesus Christ’s “power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, when faced with physiological challenges persons can take heart that the Lord seeks to work His special power through the very things the world misunderstands as weaknesses.

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Webinars Archive
Webinar: Wonderfully Made

Webinar: Wonderfully Made

We are created in the image of God, "fearfully and wonderfully" made by our Creator, yet most of us fail to appreciate the complexities of our bodies and how miraculously they operate. This discussion focuses on the wonder of our bodies, how disabilities lead to other abilities, and what we can do to fulfill our unique potential even with illnesses and disabilities. View

Webinar: Doing Lent with Disabilities

The increased prayer services, fasting, and almsgiving guidelines during Lent can seem illusive for families with disabilities. Discerning ways and degrees to which the whole family can journey through Lent together often causes frustration. This webinar shares tools, ideas, and lessons learned for helping your family enjoy a fruitful Lent. View

Freedom from Fear of the Future for Your Child with Disabilities Webinar

Parents of children with disabilities often have compounded fears about their future. Panelists share their insights surrounding these fears, with a particular emphasis on how to cultivate freedom from fear of the future in order to enjoy life with our families now. View

Fostering Independence in Families with Disabilities Webinar

Panelists offer their personal and professional lessons learned in a discussion of what healthy independence looks like in families with disabilities. View

Light in Times of Darkness Webinar

How can we find light in times of darkness? How can we be a light? How can we help our families become lights in darkness? Join us as we discuss these questions and more in this GOA Center for Family Care webinar. View

The Church and Families of Children with Special Needs

This webinar discusses the role of the church in meeting the needs of parents and caregivers with children that have special needs. This was the first of hopefully many conversations addressing the many issues families/caregivers of children with special needs face as they seek to engage in their Orthodox Christian Community. View