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The Direct Archdiocesan District Office of Education provides curriculum guides, materials, and in-service training to the administrators and teachers serving in the day and afternoon schools of the District.

The Office has been an avid advocate for the New York City parochial Greek Orthodox (or faith-based) day schools, representing the schools – and the Archdiocese - to the education authorities on the federal, state and city levels. As a result, the Office has been instrumental in securing federally funded services and materials for the day schools, thereby benefiting thousands of students.

The director of the Office is a member of the New York City Standing Committee of Religious & Independent Schools Officials, comprised of representatives of the City's major religious institutions, as well as a member of the New York State Commissioner’s Advisory Council for Nonpublic Schools.

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      Annual Staff Development Seminar, Astoria, NY (November 3, 2015) (Greek)


      The Comprehensive Examination in Modern Greek (June 22, 2015) (Greek)


      The Three Hierarchs Student Awards Ceremony, NYC (January 31, 2015) (Greek)



      The Three Hierarchs and Greek Letters Celebrations (Greek)


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