Sunday of St. Mary of Egypt

April 21


The memory of this Saint is celebrated on April 1, where her life is recorded. Since the end of the holy Forty Days is drawing nigh, it has been appointed for this day also, so that if we think it hard to practice a little abstinence forty days, we might be roused by the heroism of her who fasted in the wilderness forty-seven years; and also that the great loving-kindness of God, and His readiness to receive the repentant, might be demonstrated in very deed.

Apolytikion of Sun. of St. Mary of Egypt

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

The image of God, was faithfully preserved in you, O Mother. For you took up the Cross and followed Christ. By Your actions you taught us to look beyond the flesh for it passes, rather to be concerned about the soul which is immortal. Wherefore, O Holy Mary, your soul rejoices with the angels.

Kontakion of Sun. of St. Mary of Egypt

Third Tone

Who once was filled with every carnal sin has become today, through repentance, the bride of Christ. She desired the company of angels. She trampled upon demons with the Cross as her weapon. This is why, O Glorious Mary, you became a Bride of the Kingdom.

Blessed Feast Day

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