Our Righteous Father Anthimus the Elder of Chios

February 15

Apolytikion of Righteous Anthimus

Third Tone

As the new support of Orthodoxy * the newly-adorned blossom of pureness * with Nicodemian Anthimus sharing your name * and also sharing his virtues and way of life * the seal and joy of ascetics of recent times. * Father Anthimus, the boast of Chios' inhabitants, * intercede with Christ God in our behalf, * that his great mercy may be granted unto us.

Kontakion of Righteous Anthimus

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

Let us his children * honor Anthimus the most divine, * the imitator of the Master Christ in all things * and the newly appeared star * shining upon Chios. * He raised up from nothing a monastery * and is known as both our shepherd and great protector. * Let us cry to him, Rejoice O most holy Father.

Blessed Feast Day

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