The Synaxis of the Icon of the Mother of God of Prusa

August 22


The wonderworking icon of the Mother of God of Prusa was saved from destruction at the hands of the Iconoclasts in the ninth century, when a certain nobleman of Prusa (near Constantinople) brought it secretly to Greece. There he lost the icon, but it miraculously appeared in a cave in the area of Litza and Agrapha, where the monastery and the shrine of the icon are presently found. The feast today was established in commemoration of the many signs and healings that the holy Theotokos has wrought through the icon.

Apolytikion of Icon of Prusa

First Tone

O Lady, by thine icon of Prusa, thou art show forth * as the great protectress of Greece and a worker of dread wonders; * for thou grantest sight unto the blind, * O thou all-spotless Virgin Mariam; * thou dost cast out wicked demons and healest all * that flee unto thee while crying: * Glory unto thy childbirth without seed. * Glory to Him that hath made thee wondrous. * Glory to Him that worketh such manner of marvels through thee.

Kontakion of Icon of Prusa

Third Tone

We observe the joyous feast * of thy pure icon with longing, * since it hath been shown to be * our strength and shelter in suff'rings; * thou hast proved our ready helper * in all misfortunes; * for this cause, O Virgin Mother of God our Saviour, * we extol thy mighty marvels * with faith, O thou who * didst bear the God of all things.

Blessed Feast Day

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