Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow

December 21


Our holy and wonderworking Father Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow, was born in Volhynia, tonsured a monk at twelve years of age, and later ordained a priest. He lived in solitude for a time in a desert place north of Lvov and founded the Holy Transfiguration Monastery; afterwards he was sent to Constantinople, where the holy Patriarch Athanasius consecrated him Metropolitan of Kiev in 1308, and he returned to Vladimir, where the Metropolitans of Kiev had their residence at that time (see Saint Jonas on June 15). In 1325, he moved to Moscow, where he founded the Dormition Cathedral, and after his repose in December 21, 1326, was buried there. He was also an iconographer, and two of his icons, the Dormition and the Petrovskaya, are found in the Dormition Cathedral (see also Oct. 5 and Aug. 24).

Apolytikion of Peter, Met. of Moscow

Fourth Tone

Now the formerly fruitless land rejoiceth; for behold, Christ hath revealed a light in thee that shineth forth clearly in the world, and healeth our infirmities and sicknesses. Wherefore, dance and be merry with boldness; he is a hierarch indeed of the Most High, Who was his fellow-worker in these things.

Kontakion of Peter, Met. of Moscow

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

On this day, we hasten to thee with love, fashioning a song, O God-bearing champion and marvellous wonderworker of our land. Since thou hast boldness before the Lord, deliver us from diverse afflictions, that we may cry to thee: Rejoice, O support of our city.

Blessed Feast Day

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