Father Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow

May 20


Our holy and wonderworking Father Alexis, Metropolitan of Moscow, was born in Moscow in 1292, and consecrated bishop in 1350. Chosen as Metropolitan in 1354, he was ordained by Ecumenical Patriarch Philotheus. He founded several monasteries, including the first women's convent in the city of Moscow. From the Greek he translated and wrote out the Holy Gospel. For the good of the Church and his country he twice journeyed to the Horde and did much to propitiate the Khan and ease the burden of the Tartar yoke; he also healed Taidula, the Khan's wife. His relics are laid to rest in the Chudov Monastery in Moscow, which he founded on land granted him by the Khan and his wife in thanksgiving. Today is the feast of the translation of his holy relics, which took place in 1485, and again in 1686.

Apolytikion of Father Alexis, Met. of Moscow

Second Tone

Like most precious treasure hidden many years in the earth, thy venerable and miracle-flowing relics were found, O most blessed Father and Hierarch Alexis; and receiving healing from them, we are enriched and we glorify Christ, saying: Glory to Him Who glorifieth His Saints.

Kontakion of Father Alexis, Met. of Moscow

Plagal of the Fourth Tone

Thy venerable and incorrupt relics, hidden for many years, O holy Hierarch Alexis, shine forth unto us from thy sepulchre like an unwaning sun, and through thee we receive grace. Thou dost enrich the whole land and all of us with miracles and blessings by the working of grace. Wherefore, we chant unto thee: Rejoice, O Father, light of Russia.

Blessed Feast Day

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