Ignatios, & Euthemios the New Martyrs

May 1


Of the three newly-shining luminaries of the Holy Mountain, the New Martyr Euthymius, who was from Demetsana of the Peloponnesus, won the crown of martyrdom when he was beheaded on Palm Sunday, March 22, 1814. Saint Ignatius, who was from Stara Zagora in Bulgaria, was martyred by hanging on October 8, 1814. Saint Acacius, who was from Neochorion of Thessalonica, was beheaded on May 1, 1815. All three had denied Christ in the foolishness of youth, and repented with great fervour; all became monks in the Skete of the Venerable Forerunner on the Holy Mountain; all had the revered elders Nicephorus and Acacius as their spirtual fathers; all were martyred in Constantinople; all were about twenty years of age; and the holy relics of all three are treasured in the aforementioned Athonite Skete of the Forerunner.

Apolytikion of Ignatius, & Euthymius the New Martyrs

First Tone

Ye who are equal in number to the unoriginate Trinity stand now with the choirs of the Angels and hosts of Martyrs in boundless joy before the thrice-resplendent throne of the Godhead; wherefore, O most wise ones, ye partake of the beams from that awesome majesty, and grant unto the faithful the divine enlightenment from on high, unending well-springs of healings, and the pardon of our grievous sins. O divine Euthymius, Martyr of Christ, with the wise Ignatius, and God inspired Acacius, ye ever entreat the Lord God in behalf of all.

Kontakion of Ignatius, & Euthymius the New Martyrs

Third Tone

In your zeal to emulate the righteous God-bearing Fathers, ye strove in ascetic deeds, accepting every affliction; having sought the Martyrs' glory through death by torments, ye are crowned with twofold crowns by the Crown-bestower, O Euthymius most righteous, with Saint Ignatius, and the blest Acacius on high.

Blessed Feast Day

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