Ninth Hour Prayers

O Christ God, Who at the ninth hour tasted death in the flesh for our sake, put to death the arrogance of our flesh and save us!

When the Thief saw the Author of Life hanging on the cross he said: If God had not become flesh, He would not have been crucified with us, nor would the sun have hidden its rays. Nor would the earth quake. But You O Lord, Who are the upholder of all, remember me in Your Kingdom.

Prayer of St. Basil

O Lord and Master, Jesus Christ our God, Who are greatly patient with our tresspasses, and has led us to the beginning of the present hour, when You were hanging upon the life-giving tree, You made an entrance into paradise for the Good -minded Thief and destroyed death by death. Forgive us, Your unworthy servants, our sins. For we have sinned and transgressed against Your law and we are not worthy to lift our eyes to look up to the height of heaven. Whereas we have left behind the way of Your righteousness and have followed the will of our own hearts. But we entreat Your boundless goodness. Spare us, O Lord, according to the multitude of Your mercy and save us for the sake of Your Holy Name. For we have spent our days in vanity. Deliver us from the hand of the one who lies against us, and forgive us our sins and put to death our bodily mind. Therefore by putting away the old man, we may live in You, our Master and Protector. And so following Your commands, we may attain eternal rest wherein is the habitation of those who rejoice. For You are truly the delight and joy of those who love You, O Christ our God. And to You we give praise, together with Your beginningless Father and Your Good and Life-Creating Spirit, now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

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