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Toast of His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew at the Joint Luncheon of the Archdiocesan Council, Philoptochos and Order of Archons

New York Hilton Hotel
(October 29, 2021)

* * *

Beloved Children in the Lord,

We rise at this moment to simply thank you and to congratulate you for your dedication and devotion to our humble person and to the Mother Church of Constantinople. Your love is manifest and your support is tangible. You are most worthy children of our God-Protected Patriarchate, and we are very grateful for you.

To be gathered with you and breaking bread together is a rare joy for us. We think about you and hold you dear in our heart, but to see you in the flesh and to hear your voices, is abundantly satisfying to our soul.

Therefore, with every prayer and spiritual benediction for your every success and prosperity in all things, we lift our glass to you – to your health, and to the health of your families.

And we implore our All-Good and All-Merciful Lord above to ever bless you and this Holy Archdiocese of America.

May you go from strength to strength, and always know that your Mother Church will always stand by you, and defend you and the Holy Orthodox Faith.

The Lord bless you all! Amen.