The Parable Project

Calling at JOY Ministries: The Parable Project is a JOY based program created by the Metropolis of Pittsburgh for parish ministry. Starting September 1, and every 2 months after, parishes will receive a video containing a lesson on a parable and a step-by-step explanation and demonstration on a craft project that ties into the parable. Along with the video are activity sheets that contain discussion questions, movement activities, craft supplies, snack ideas, and service project ideas that, again, tie into the theme of the parable being taught. Our prayer is that anyone will be able to receive these materials and run a successful event for their JOY groups. Parishes are encouraged to host these events in-person, but if in-person ministry is not possible at that time, host them online.
If you have any questions, please contact our Y2AM Office at 412-621-8543 or [email protected]