Metropolis of Atlanta Announces St. Stephen's Summer Camp Will Return in 2021

My Beloved Clergy, Youth & Sunday School Directors, and Parents of the Metropolis of Atlanta,

I greet you my beloved with love and joy as we approach the mid-point of our Lenten Journey to Pascha!

I am so pleased to be able to tell each of you, our Metropolis family, that St. Stephen's Summer Camp will return in person to the Diakonia Retreat Center for the year 2021!

Given the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, I believe our Metropolis Youth, Education and Hellenic Culture Department is truly a gift from Almighty God. You will see greater details below concerning the necessary Camp Safety Protocols, but I must offer my sincere thanks to Ms. Monica Gjerde and to all our Clergy Camp Directors--Fr. Steven Klund (Director of Week 1), Fr. Stavros Akrotirianakis (Director of Week 2), Fr. Stephen Mathewes (Director of Week 3), Fr. Robert Lawrence (Director of Week 4) and Fr. Sampson Kasapakis (Director of Week 5)--for carefully consulting with the proper authorities, to be sure that St. Stephen's Summer Camp will be conducted in both a safe and an efficient way.

I know you all are very excited by this news, just as your Metropolis looks forward to ministering to you and being with you during your Summer Camp experience. Know that we missed you, and that the information you are about to read is a measure of our love for you, and your love for one another, as we seek to reconnect after a year apart.

Greeting you with love and joy in in the name of our Lord, I remain,

Yours with paternal love and blessings,

+ A L E X I O S

Metropolitan of Atlanta