Personal and Devotional Prayers

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord.

Choir: Lord have mercy.

Priest: O Lord our God, Who has honored us with Your own image, Who has taught Your elect, so that most wise are they who give heed to Your teaching, Who reveals wisdom to babes, Who has imparted wisdom:

Open the hearts, the minds, and the lips of these Your servants, that they might receive the power of Your Law, and successfully apprehend the useful precepts which shall be taught to them, to the glory of Your Holy Name, to the profit and upbuilding of Your Holy Church; and that they understand Your good and perfect Will. Deliver them from every hostile oppression: preserve them in Orthodoxy and Your Holy, Catholic Faith, and in all uprightness and purity all the days of their life, that they might advance in wisdom, and in the fulfillment of Your commandments; that being thus prepared they may glorify Your most Holy Name and become heirs of Your Kingdom; for You are the God of Mercy, and gracious in strength; and to You do we send up glory: to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages.

Choir: Amen.

Blessing (Sprinkling with Holy Water):

Priest: The blessing (+) of the Lord through His divine Grace and man-befriending love come upon you always, both now and ever, and to the ages of ages.

Choir: Amen.

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