Personal and Devotional Prayers

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord.

Choir: Kyrie eleison.

Priest: O Master, Lord our God, hearken unto the prayer which we now send up to You, and bless this vehicle with Your holy right hand (+); send down upon it Thy guardian Angel, that all who desire to journey therein may be safely preserved and shielded from every evil end; and as the Ethiopian, riding in the chariot and reading of Your holy prophecy, was granted faith and Grace through Your Apostle Philip.

So do You now manifest the path of salvation to Your servants who shall travel in this conveyance, that with Your helping grace they may be clothed upon with good works and after the completion of this life may be vouchsafed' everlasting joy in Your heavenly Kingdom. For Yours is the might, and the Kingdom, and the power, and unto You do we send up glory to Father, and to Son, and to Holy Spirit, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages.

Choir: Amen.

The priest sprinkles all over the vehicle with Holy Water, saying:

May Christ our true God, through the intercessions of His all-pure Mother, through the protection of the bodiless powers, of the holy, glorious and all praise worthy Apostles, and of St. Nicholas, and all the Saints, have mercy on us and save us, as He is good and loves mankind.

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