The Endorsing Agent of the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America for Military Chaplaincy is Father William J. Bartz.

Military Ordinary
His Eminence Metropolitan Nicholas
(248) 823-2400

Military and Veterans Administration Endorsing Agent
Rev. William J. Bartz
(317) 900-6325

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The Greek Orthodox chaplains are priests who provide the Holy Mysteries to Orthodox Christians and pastoral ministry to people of all walks of life. Some priests serve full-time as chaplains in the armed forces, while other parish priests have assumed additional responsibilities as chaplains at Veterans Administration hospitals or with local police forces. One of the most significant features of chaplaincy activity is ministry to individuals other than Orthodox Christians, and the witness of our Orthodox faith among all Americans.

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Armed Forces chaplains are highly-qualified priests who (1) integrate the roles of clergy and commissioned officer, (2) care for Orthodox Christians while providing for the free exercise of religion by all personnel, and (3) understand the realities of military life.


Veterans Administration chaplains are priests serving within VA facilities who are aware of the spiritual and moral dimensions which often arise from the anxieties, problems and fears which accompany illness and disabilities. These chaplains are also sensitive to the variety of religious and cultural backgrounds of the VA patients to whom ministry is provided.


Police chaplains minister to members of law enforcement agencies having spiritual, psychological or emotional problems. Specific duties include: crisis intervention, death notification, grief counseling, memorial services, victim and witness assistance, confidential pastoral care, stress management, spiritual guidance, marriage and family guidance.

Tel: (317) 900-6325
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Contact: Rev. Protopresbyter William J. Bartz

Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America