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"Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous! Praise befits the upright. Praise the Lord with the lyre, make melody to him with the harp of ten strings! Sing to him a new song, play skilfully on the strings, with loud shouts." -Psalm 33:1-3

Matins service begins with the Trisagion Prayers, the Six Psalms, and a Litany. Then the following:

God is the Lord, and He appeared to us. Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. (four times with verses)



Let the heavens sing for joy, and let everything on earth be glad. * For with His Arm the Lord has worked power. * He trampled death under foot by means of death; * and He became the firstborn from the dead. * From the maw of Hades He delivered us; * and He granted the world His great mercy.


Glory... (of the saint of the day)

Both now...


Unto you who mediated the salvation of our race * we sing praises, O Virgin Theotokos. * For your Son and our God in the flesh that He assumed from you * accepted suffering by means of crucifixion * and has thereby set us free * from corruption, in His love for man.


After the first reading from the Psalter, Small Litany, and we chant Resurrectional Kathismata.

Mode III

Christ has risen from the dead, the first of those who have fallen asleep. The Artificer of all things that were made was first born before all creation; now He has renewed the corrupted nature of our human race in him­self. O Death, no longer have you dominion, for the Master of all has destroyed your power.



When You had physically tasted death, O Lord, * You curtailed its bitterness by Your resurrection, * and You strength­ened hu­manity against it, * by reversing the failure re­lated to the primal curse, * O Defender of our life. Glory to You, O Lord.


Both now...

Theotokion. Original Melody

Seeing the beauty of your virginity, * and how your purity shone forth resplen­dently, * amazed was Gabriel who cried to you thus, O Theotokos: * What shall I present to you * as a worthy encomium? * What shall I address you as? * At a loss and perplexed am I. * And therefore I, as ordered, cry out to you: * Rejoice, O Maiden full of grace!


After the second reading from the Psalter, Small Litany, and Kathismata.

Seeing the beauty

At Your Divin­ity's immutability, * and at Your suffering's intentionality, * amazed was Hades, Lord, and thus lamented to itself and said: * I tremble at this human frame’s uncorrupted hypostasis. * I see the invisible One waging war on me secretly. * Hence those whom I am holding are crying out: Glory to Your resurrection, O Christ.


Glory...Same Melody

We the believers now theologize about * the inexplicable, incomprehensible * unspoken mystery of Your crucifixion and resurrection. * For today the realm of death and of Hades has been despoiled, * and vested is the human race with incorruptibility. * And therefore in thanksgiving we cry aloud: * Glory to Your resurrection, O Christ.


Both now…

Theotokion. Original Melody

You carried mystically within your womb the One * incomprehensible, uncircum­scribable, * and coessential with the Father and the Spirit, O Mother of God. * By your giving birth, we know that the Trinity’s en­ergy, * singular and unconfused, in the world should be glorified. * And therefore in thanksgiving we cry to you: * Rejoice, O Lady full of grace.


After the reading of Psalm 118, the Evlogetaria (see Vol I). Small Litany.


Astounding in appearance, refreshing by the words he spoke, the flashing Angel said to the myrrh-bearing women: Why do you look in a tomb for the Living One? He is risen and has emptied the tombs. Know Him, the unchanging Changer of corruption. Say to God: How awesome are Your works! For You have saved the human race.

The Hymns of Ascent

1st Antiphon

You rescued the captivity of Zion out of Babylon, O Logos; do also draw me up from the passions to life.

Those who sow shedding godly tears when the south wind is blowing, joyously will harvest ears of life everlasting.

Glory… Both now…

In the Holy Spirit, as in the Father and the Son, radiates intrinsically every gift of goodness. And in Him all things both live and move.


2nd Antiphon

Unless the Lord build the house of the virtues, in vain do we labor. But if He protect the soul, no one can conquer our city.

O Christ the Fruit of the womb, by the Spirit are the saints forever as adopted sons to You as to a father.

Glory… Both now…

In the Holy Spirit are perceived all holiness and wisdom, for He gives substance to all creation. Since He is God, let us worship Him, as we do the Father and Logos.


3rd Antiphon

Those who fear the Lord are blessed: they will walk in the ways of the com­­mand­ments; for they will eat every kind of vivifying produce.

Gazing on your offspring round about your table bearing branches of good works, be glad, O arch-pastor.

Glory… Both now…

With the Holy Spirit is all the wealth of glory. From Him issue grace and life to all creation, for He is extolled with the Father and the Logos.



Say among the nations that the Lord has reigned. And He has set up the universe, which will not be shaken.

Verse: Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.


Let every breath. Gospel reading. Having seen the Resurrection. Psalm 50, etc.

Canon of the Resurrection

Ode One. Mode III. The Heirmos.

He who gathered the waters together in the beginning into one place by divine nod, * who for the Israelite people parted the sea, * He, our God, is glorified, and He is reigning forever. * Let us sing to Him alone, for He is glorified.


Ode Three. The Heirmos.

From non-existence You brought forth all things, O God, * through the Word creating them, in the Spirit perfecting them. * Ruler over all, Most High, * firmly establish me in Your love, O Master.



Melody: On this day.

From the tomb You rose today, * O Lord of tender compassion, * also from the gates of death * You led us out, O our Savior. * On this day is Adam dancing and Eve rejoices, * and with them together Patriarchs and the Prophets * are unceasingly extolling the divine power of Your authority.


Let heaven and earth dance for joy today, and in oneness of mind extol Christ God, for He resurrected the prisoners from their tombs. All creation rejoices together, offering worthy songs to the Creator of all and our Redeemer, for today as the Giver of Life, having drawn mortals up from Hades, He exalts them to heaven together, and lays a curse on the enemy's haughtiness, and smashes the gates of Hades, by the divine power of His authority.

Greater in honor than the Cherubim, and in glory greater beyond compare than the Seraphim, you without corruption gave birth to God the Word and are truly Theotokos. You do we magnify.


Ode Nine. The Heirmos.

O novel wonder and befitting God! * for the Lord himself has manifestly traversed * the gate of the Virgin, which was shut. * Raw God in His entry, * in His emergence He appeared as One bearing flesh, * the gate remaining shut notwithstanding. * She is unutterably God's Mother, and her we magnify.


Holy is the Lord our God. Exalt the Lord our God and worship the footstool of His feet. For He is Holy..



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Let every breath praise the Lord. Praise the Lord from the heavens, praise Him in the highest. To You, O God is due our song.


Praise Him, all you His angels; praise Him, all you His hosts. To You, O God is due our song.


Resurrectional Stichera

To do in them the written judgement. This glory shall be to all His saints.

O come, all you nations. Know the power of the awe-inspiring mystery. For Christ our Savior, the Logos who was in the beginning, voluntarily for us was crucified and buried, and He rose from the dead to save the universe. Let us worship Him.


Praise God for His saints, praise Him for the firmament of His power.

Those who guarded You reported all the marvelous events, O Lord. However the Sanhedrin of futility filled their hands with gifts, thinking that in this way they could hide Your resurrection, which the world glorifies. Have mercy on us.


Praise Him for His mighty acts, praise Him in proportion to the magnitude of His greatness.

The universe was filled with joy in the experience of Your resurrection. Mary Magdalene came unto the tomb and found an Angel sitting upon the stone. With his garments flashing like lightning, he said to her, "Why do you seek among the dead the One who is alive? He is not here, but has risen as He said, and is going before you to Galilee."


Praise Him with sound of trumpet, praise Him with the psaltery and harp.

In Your light we will see light, O Master who loves humanity; for You have risen from the dead, and You granted salvation to the human race, so that all creation may glorify You, only sinless One. Have mercy on us.


Stichera by Anatolios.

Praise Him with timbrel and dance, praise Him with strings and flute.

The myrrh-bearing women offered their tears as a morning hymn to You, O Lord; for in possession of sweet-smelling spices, they came to Your tomb intent on anointing Your immaculate body for burial. The Angel sitting on the stone announced to them the good tidings. "Why do you seek among the dead the One who lives? For as God He has trampled down death. He has risen, and granted unto all His great mercy."


Praise Him with tuneful cymbals, praise Him with cym­bals of jubilation. Let every breath praise the Lord.

Like lightening flashed the Angel sitting on Your life-giving sepulcher; and to the myrrh-bearing women he said, "The Re­deemer has emptied the graves. He has despoiled Hades, and He resurrected on the third day as the only God and omnipotent."


Arise, O Lord my God, let Your hand be exalted; for­get not Your paupers to the end.

On the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb seeking You. But not finding You, she lamented and cried out with weeping, "Alas, O my Savior! How were You stolen, O King of all?" Then did a pair of life-bearing Angels [sitting] inside the sepulcher cry out, "Woman, why are you weeping?" She said, "I weep, for they have taken my Lord away from the tomb, and I do not know where they have laid Him." Then she turned around, and, having recognized You, straightaway she cried out, "My Lord and my God, glory to You."


I will give thanks to You, O Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonders.

Whereas the Hebrews had enclosed Life itself in a tomb, the Robber has opened up Eden in a word. He cried out and uttered, "He who for me was with me crucified was along with me on a cross suspended, and appeared to me to be jointly seated with the Father upon the throne; for He is indeed Christ our God, and He possesses great mercy."



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Both now... Theotokion.

Mode II (or the Mode of the week)

You are supremely blessed, O Virgin Theotokos. For through Him who from you became incarnate, was Hades taken prisoner, and Adam has been summoned back, and the curse has been neutralized, and Eve has been liberated; death has been put to death, and we have been brought to life. Wherefore extolling we cry out: O Christ our God, You are blessed, for so was Your good pleasure. Glory to You.


The Great Doxology

Glory be to You who showed the light. Glory in the highest to God. His peace is on earth, His good pleasure in mankind.
We praise You, we bless You, we worship You, we glo­rify You, we give thanks to You for Your great Glory....
Lord King, heavenly God, Father, Ruler over all; Lord, only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ; and You, O Holy Spirit.
Lord God, Lamb of God, Son of the Father, who take away the sin of the world, have mercy on us, You that take away the sins of the world.
Accept our supplication, You that sit at the right hand of the Father, and have mercy on us.
For You alone are holy, You alone are Lord, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God the Father. Amen.
Every day I will bless You, and Your name will I praise to eternity, and to the ages of ages.
Vouchsafe, O Lord, this day, that we be kept without sin.
Blessed are You, O Lord, the God of our fathers, and praised and glorified is Your name to the ages. Amen.
Let Your mercy be on us, O Lord, as we have set our hope on You.
Blessed are You, O Lord. Teach me Your statutes. (Thrice)
Lord, You have been our refuge from generation to gener­a­tion. I said: Lord, have mercy on me. Heal my soul, for I have sinned against You.
Lord, I have fled to You. Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God.
For with You is the fountain of life; in Your light we shall see light.
Continue Your mercy to those who know You.
Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us. (Thrice)
Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
Both now and ever and to the ages of ages. Amen.
Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.


Holy God, Holy Mighty, Holy Immortal, have mercy on us.


On Sundays, if the mode of the week be I, II, III, or IV, the fol­lowing troparion is chanted in Mode IV or the mode of the week:

Today has salvation come to pass in the world. Let us sing to Him who resur­rected from the tomb and is the Author of our life. For, destroying death by death, He gave us the victory and the great mercy.

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