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Denver School of Modern Greek

Denver School of Modern Greek

The Denver School of Modern Greek, which is affiliated with Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Denver, offers three unique, comprehensive, and engaging programs: The Afternoon program, the Day program, and our Online Virtual Campus. 

The certified and driven teachers lead the Greek School classes. The robust curriculum is designed to immerse students in practical, meaningful dialogue and targets language skills in reading and writing. All three programs include an early learning program for children ages 18 months - 4 years, a Kindergarten - 6th grade elementary program, an effective and extensive Exam Prep program for those taking the Ellinomathia Greek exam, and a four-section adult program beginners-advanced. The Denver Greek School is projecting well over 300 students for the 2021-2022 school year.  

The School’s success lies in the relational trust and strong support between the school, the Denver Metropolis, parish priests, parish council, the Denver community, and above all, a powerful and involved Greek School Committee that oversees the overall operation of the school. Strong parent and community ties are critical to growth and prosperity. The dedication of the program staff is one of the most significant factors of their success. Many are trained educators and/or graduates of a Greek University. They have been very selective in choosing a cohesive staff that has expertise in the Greek language and collaboratively shares a passion for preserving the Greek language and heritage. On holidays such as Greek Independence Day, the entire student body dresses up in traditional costumes. Even the youngest students recite Greek poetry and sing traditional songs and hymns before hundreds of people.  

The curriculum focuses not only on the Greek language but also Greek history, geography, mythology, and studying important figures in Greek history. The close proximity and relationship with the church blur the lines between culture and religion. This concept builds the church as the center of students' lives where they learn the Greek language and have the opportunity to participate in many other activities that form close relationships with other Greek children. The Denver School of Modern Greek is wildly successful because they simply believe in what they do.

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