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Metropolis of Pittsburgh Announces In Person Summer Camp In 2021

Metropolis of Pittsburgh Announces In Person Summer Camp In 2021

We are very excited to offer on-site Summer Camp this year and are preparing to safely host our campers for another wonderful summer! We understand there is a lot of information this year and we hope this will ease any concerns you may have. Together, as one body of Christ and camp family, we are confident that we can work all together toward best practices.

Over the past several months, we have been in communication with infectious disease doctors, medical professionals, and have received guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the American Camping Association (ACA), the beloved Camp Nazareth facility, and fellow Orthodox Camping Programs in how to best run camp in this unique time. We have learned that the best practices include layering mitigation factors, including, but not limited to, the common health practices of frequent hand washing, physical distancing, and mask wearing, but also the safety measures you will find below. While health and safety measures are still evolving as case rates shift, these mitigation efforts are subject to change as we get closer to our camp session.

SAFETY MEASURES AND PROCEDURES We may be six feet apart but not far in heart!

All campers and staff will be required to wear masks while at camp anytime adequate social distancing cannot be implemented, or during large group activities (i.e. church) and transition times. We ask every camper bring one mask for each day, if possible! We will have extras in case

Campers and staff will not be required to wear masks when they are eating, sleeping, swimming, or doing personal maintenance such as brushing their teeth. We are hoping that as we draw closer to the summer, some CDC guidelines such as this one may loosen, and in some situations, campers will not need to wear a mask

All campers and staff will be asked to answer a few screening questions days prior to camp, upon their arrival to camp, and each morning while at camp

Campers and staff will be asked to produce a negative covid-19 test within 72 hours before coming to camp. If cabin staff are staying multiple weeks at camp, they will be tested in between those weeks

All campers and staff will be asked to limit their exposure as much as possible, 10 days prior to arriving at camp

The campsite will be limited to essential personnel and staff only this summer

As usual, we will have medical personnel on-site for each week of camp that will be familiar with and assist in enforcing our Camp Covid protocol

All meals will be eaten in the fresh PA air, as dining outdoors is very trendy right now! Weather permitting of course!

All worship services will be outside as well, weather permitting


Hand washing stations will be placed around the camp and used by campers and staff before and after activities

Staff will be trained in common health practices and cleaning efforts

Frequently touched surfaces will be sanitized daily by staff

Any shared equipment will be cleaned between uses, and campers and staff will sanitize or wash their hands before and after handling shared equipment

The Camp Nazareth Staff will follow the state of PA cleaning protocols, and will be properly cleaning the camp and cabins in between each session of camp


Our cabins this summer will each be considered its’ own family/cohort group

Each cabin cohort will include between 8-10 campers and 2 staff members

Our cohorts will travel together throughout the camp day and will also be able to safely mix with another cohort for some activities

Campers will be asked to refrain share clothing or personal items this summer


All camp activities will be handled in a safe and fun manner! Some new activities will be making an appearance this summer!

Safety guidelines mandated by the state and CDC will still be followed for all camp activities

Our campers are able to mix with another cabin for some activities, while the other times they will enjoy activities as a cabin!

The pool will be open! So, pack that bathing suit! The ropes course will be closed this year


As recommended by the ACA, we will not be offering buses this summer

There will be an updated check-in this summer in an effort to streamline the process, eliminate long lines, and shorten wait times while providing a safe space. Campers will be asked to arrive in staggered blocks of time, and will undergo a quick screening process in additional to the usual intake. Campers will be welcomed by staff and escorted by them to their cabins.

It is encouraged that all campers are driven by someone who is a member of their immediate household or family bubble

All campers and staff will be asked to limit their exposure as much as possible 7 days prior to traveling to camp

Upon arrival home from camp, it is recommended that campers quarantine according to their state’s requirements. If anyone should experience symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19 after camp, please notify us immediately so we can begin proper contact-tracing protocols and attempt to reduce any transmission risk for other families.

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