Metropolis of Boston

2021 Metropolis of Boston Ministry Awards Ceremony

2021 Metropolis of Boston Ministry Awards Ceremony

"Unlike years past, we were not able to share a meal together, but I am proud to say that, thanks to the generosity of parishioners from throughout New England, we were able to provide meals to over 6,000 brethren in need." + Metropolitan Methodios of Boston

Last year we fed over 6,000 frontline workers and those in need!

Partnering with our traditional venue, Lombardo's of Randolph, MA, our hope is to add to the over 6,000 meals we provided last year for frontline health care workers or those most in need...with your help of course! To the left, you can see where meals are being provided and how you can help!


"Massachusetts residents have experienced the highest projected change among all American states in the rates of both food insecurity and child food insecurity as a direct result of the pandemic. As we all transition from our relief efforts back to 'everyday life,' we must continue to prioritize serving individuals and families who suffer from homelessness, hunger and food insecurity. The need for increased food distribution to shelters, human service agencies and low-income households remains pressing and the upcoming months, even years, will be critically challenging for many people.

We have had a front row seat to the devastation the COVID-19 pandemic has caused in the Bay State. We have also been witness to true kindness. The Lombardo's family and team have repeatedly gone above and beyond to be of service - and even more-so during an extraordinarily difficult time. Some of this could not have been achieved without the support of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston, who helped provide 3,750 healthy meals for our food recipients and another 2,250 to frontline healthcare workers, totaling 6,000 meals! Thank you Lombardo's and the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Boston, on behalf of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine Massachusetts and all of the people we proudly serve. We are truly grateful for your continued support."

Dana Siles, Massachusetts Branch Director, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

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