The Internet School of Orthodox Studies Fall 2003 program is designed to help Orthodox Christians understand the Orthodox faith. This series is presented by Rev. Dr. Frank Marangos and Rev. Dr. George Bithos.

Established by the Department of Religious Education in 1998, ISOS ran through the Fall of 2005 as a means to assist Orthodox Christians to better understand the teachings of the Orthodox Church. These classes have been archived on the website with the assistance of the Archdiocese Department of Internet Ministries.

Fast-Free Week First Week of the Triodion
Did you know today marks the beginning of the Triodion (in Greek, Τριώδιον) — the pre-Lenten prepa- ration period, marking the starting point of our journey to Pascha (Easter)?
One of the sacraments of the Orthodox Church, the Marriage Service is rich with biblical imagery,
prayer, and symbol. Because the ceremony is attended by Orthodox and non-Orthodox who may not
Orthodox Christianity is perhaps the best-kept secret in America. Why? And how can we help share the Good News?
Adults fear that young people will grow up and stop being Christians. But no one ever fears that a kid will stop rooting for their favorite sports team. Why?
If your parish suddenly disappeared, would anyone notice? Are we living out the Gospel in our neighborhoods and communities? Because we believe the same things that the first Christians taught. But...
It's time to Soak Up the Son for the last time this summer! This week we learn about what happened when God rested after the creation!
It's time to Soak Up the Son! This week we are learning about how God created all the animals and the first human beings!
It's time to Soak Up the Son! This week we learn about what happened when God created the air and sea creatures!
It's time to Soak up the Son! This week we learn how God formed the sun, moon, and stars.