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The Translation of the Holy Relics of Saint Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow

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August 24


On this day we also commemorate the translation of the holy relics of Saint Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow, which took place in the year 1646.

Our holy and wonderworking Father Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow, was born in Volhynia, tonsured a monk at twelve years of age, and later ordained a priest. He lived in solitude for a time in a desert place north of Lvov and founded the Holy Transfiguration Monastery; afterwards he was sent to Constantinople, where the holy Patriarch Athanasius consecrated him Metropolitan of Kiev in 1308, and he returned to Vladimir, where the Metropolitans of Kiev had their residence at that time (see Saint Jonas on June 15). In 1325, he moved to Moscow, where he founded the Dormition Cathedral, and after his repose in December 21, 1326, was buried there. He was also an iconographer, and two of his icons, the Dormition and the Petrovskaya, are found in the Dormition Cathedral (see Oct. 5).

Apolytikion of Holy Relics of Saint Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow in the Fourth Tone

On this day hath come the glorious feast of the translation of thy precious relics, O Saint Peter, which doth exceedingly gladden thy flock and all Christian people. Fail not to pray for them to Christ our God Who entrusted His flock to thee, that it be kept unharmed from enemies, and that our souls be saved.

Kontakion of Holy Relics of Saint Peter, Metropolitan of Moscow in the Plagal of the Fourth Tone

Since thou art a most outstanding physician and abundant wellspring of miracles, we thy spiritual children have gathered today in love for the translation of thy precious relics, O Hierarch Peter, and we pray thee: Intercede with Christ God that, by thy venerable translation, we be granted victory over our enemies, and that by thy prayers to God we be delivered from all evil, that with joy of soul and gladness of heart, we may thankfully cry to thee and say: Rejoice, O Father Peter, adornment of bishops and of all the Orthodox faithful.