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Ministry Profile: Charlotte, NC

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Name of the group: Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral YAL, Charlotte, NC

Demographics (age range, single, married, etc):
Our YAL group ages range from 18 to about 38 yrs. old.  We have both single and married young adults who attend our functions.

Mission: We use the mission statement from the Archdiocese, which is included in all of our communication to participants: “The mission of Young Adult Ministry is to cultivate and educate our young adults, leading them to the fullness of the Faith and likeness of God; by utilizing the four circles of Christian living, Worship, Witness, Service, and Fellowship, young adults are integrated into the life of the Church, enabling them to become active members of the body of Christ.”

When and how often do you meet: We meet once a month and try to plan something on the 10th of every month, when possible.  At these gatherings we either provide dinner or have a pot-luck.  We also go through some business as far as what we are doing in the following months and of course some type of spiritual discussion.  We alternate each month between a social gathering or a sit down meeting.  One of our goals for 2010 is to complete three major Community Service Projects.  Each of these projects has been chosen to stimulate group work amongst our members and to promote social interaction.  In October we host an annual convention and starting in March of each year we also hold meetings once or even twice a month with our co-chairs to plan the Convention.

What factor(s) has led to your group's success?:
The need for a ministry like this, pertinent to Young Adults here at the Cathedral. This was an excellent avenue for our young adults to come together for fellowship.

Is there a leadership team or structure? Please Explain. Yes we do have a leadership team.  It is comprised of four young adults who are elected every December.  They plan everything along with the priest.  We do not have a President or Vice-President, etc, but everyone works together and helps out to plan and coordinate the events.

How do you advertise/keep in contact with the group? Do you have a website/Facebook group?
We keep in contact with one another through all the modern communication systems: email, facebook, texting, and our Church’s bi-weekly bulletin.  We do have a website ( and our facebook group name is “Charlotte YAL Holy Trinity.”  We also have a facebook page for our Convention called Charlotte YAL Convention: Columbus Day Weekend 2010.

Does a clergyman participate in your gatherings? Yes, at every gathering we have the assistant priest of the parish Fr. Stathi in attendance.  When the Dean of the parish Fr. Michael can come, he also attends.