Growing the Virtue of Philoxenia in Our Families and Communities

Presvytera Melanie speaks with Charlotte Riggle about her familial experience of invisible disabilities; how she came to see God's commandment to not bear false witness against one's neighbor as the virtue of philoxenia—the love of strangers—the Giant Cookie Test; and the value of online support for families with special needs. More »

Out of the Mouths of Babes You Have Perfected Praise

Presvytera Melanie speaks with Sarah Riccardi-Swartz about her involvement with disability rights, how her Autistic daughter further developed her advocacy role, the need for the Church to listen to and incorporate the stories of those with disabilities and their guardians to develop a theology of disability, and the pure-hearted offerings to God in triumphant "Amens!" and Daniel Tiger songs. More »

The Heusel Family: All Children Can Learn, and All Children Can Teach

Presvytera Melanie speaks with Matt and Louise Heusel on medical practitioners' adverse reactions to prenatal discoveries of disabilities and the pressure put on parents to abort their children, how their daughter with Down Syndrome has enriched their family life, and the special gifts she contributes to their parish family. More »

UOC St. Nicholas Summer Camp for Families with Disabilities

Pres. Melanie speaks with Natalie Kapeluck Nixon, the Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministry for the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and founder of the St. Nicholas Program, a church camp experience for persons with special needs of all ages, and their families. More »

Metropolitan Savas’ Concentric Rings of Love

Presvytera Melanie speaks with His Eminence Metropolitan Savas of the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh on theological "whys" of disability, the need for all of us to learn an etiquette regarding disability, and his exhilarating experience on an OCF Real Break mission trip when visiting "The Four Homes of Mercy," a group home for persons with disabilities. More »

The Christy Family - Life in Christ, Life with Cerebral Palsy

Presvytera Melanie continues her conversation with William Christy, this time including his father and mother, Father Paul and Presvytera Mary, and his twin sister, Gabriella. Each family member shares their personal perspective related to William's diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy - the joys, challenges, and the way their love for God and His love for them was made manifest through their experiences. More »

Gauging Resource Needs for Families with Disabilities

We seek input from those we wish to serve in order to guide our priorities as we begin this work. Thank you for spending a few minutes taking this short, confidential survey. More »

William Christy - On Faith, Wheelchair Basketball, and How The Teachings of the Fathers Shape…

William Christy - On Faith, Wheelchair Basketball, and How The Teachings of the Fathers Shape His Response to His Disability. Presvytera Melanie speaks with William Christy about being a young adult with Cerebral Palsy, a PK (priest's kid), his love for English Literature, Wheelchair Basketball, and how the teachings of the Fathers of the Church encourage him and inform his worldview. More »

A Mom and a Mission: St. Matrona the Wonderworker Miracles of God Ministries

Presvytera Melanie speaks with Presvytera Elaine Stavropoulos regarding her daughter's Autism diagnosis, and the ministry to families with disabilities which blossomed forth as a result. More »

Introduction of Family Matters: Fully Human Edition

Fr Alex Goussetis speaks with Prevytera Melanie DiStefanos about the launching of a new podcast series that is dedicated to special needs families. More »

Theophany Reflections for the Special Needs Parent

For much of my son’s nearly 16-year lifespan, I have begged for miracles. Many I have received, and countless have always been - though I took them for granted. His struggles often help me to see how miraculous the human body is and how amazing our God is Who created it. At times though, I long for him to know health and wholeness – to be free. More »

Fully Human Social Media Graphics and Inspirational Quotes

The Center for Family Care's newest ministry, "Fully Human," is designed to lift up the unique gifts of individuals and families with special needs. More »

Families of Children with Special Needs Resource List

A resource list for families and communities of children with special needs. More »