Women's History Month Highlight: Stavroula Samara-Symeonidis, Executive Administrative Assistant at the Office of the Chancellor

March is International Women’s History Month, and it would only be proper to celebrate it by honoring the women of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America. We want to showcase the wonderful women who work for our beloved Archdiocese and its Affiliated Institutions this March to celebrate their contributions and the talents they bring to our Church. This second week we present the resilient women of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.

Stavroula Samara-Symeonidis

Position: Executive Administrative Assistant at the Office of the Chancellor

Stavroula is a native Greek hailing from the historic city of Thessaloniki, where she developed a deep appreciation for her cultural roots and heritage. With a solid educational background in Political Science from the esteemed institution of Aristotle University and a master's in politics and economics of Contemporary Eastern and Southeastern Europe from the University of Macedonia, she cultivated a keen interest in understanding the dynamics of governance and society.

Her journey led me to New York City in 2015, where she has embraced the bustling metropolis as her new home. Alongside her beloved spouse, she is navigating the joys and challenges of parenthood, cherishing every moment with her precious nine-month-old son.

In both her personal and professional endeavors, Stavroula is driven by a commitment to lifelong learning, growth, and making meaningful contributions to the world around her. Whether it's exploring new cultures, advocating for causes close to her heart, or savoring simple joys with family, Stavroula approaches life with curiosity, empathy, and a sense of adventure.

What is the role of faith in my life?

In my journey, I have found solace and strength in faith. It is the guiding force that illuminates the blessings concealed within every challenge. It teaches us to trust ourselves in Him, to turn darkness into light, to forgive ourselves and others and through our mistakes to learn and bring Him closer to our lives and souls. Faith instills within us the capacity to place trust in a higher power, to transform adversity into opportunity, and to embrace forgiveness—both of ourselves and others. Through our experiences and errors, faith becomes the catalyst for introspection, growth, and the deepening of our spiritual connection.

Faith is our oxygen.

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