Four Free Resources to Help Young People Stay Healthy and Connected

Four Free Resources to Help Young People Stay Healthy and Connected

The coronavirus pandemic has been a difficult time for people of all ages. Social distancing has led to feelings of loneliness. The virus itself has led to feelings of anxiety and fear. And these negative emotions will only be compounded in the weeks ahead as more cities and states reopen. Opportunities to return to school and work will inspire feelings of relief and happiness. But they will also inspire negative emotions like anxiety and fear. Even when young people remain physically healthy, the past few months have taken a toll on them: mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Parents and ministry workers need support to keep the young people in their care healthy and connected.

To help them, Y2AM has created four free resources to encourage health and connection:

  • How to Build Healthy Habits: an episode of “Be the Bee” offering 5 proven tips to help young people build good, healthy habits
  • How to be a Healthy Human: another episode sharing 4 simple keys to help young people fully understand what it means to be a healthy person
  • “Healthy Human” Journal: a free PDF workbook that young people can complete with their parents or ministry leaders to assess how they’re doing and create next steps for healthier habits and deeper connection
  • Small Groups Materials: training materials and weekly curricula to help facilitate meaningful discussions that can bring people together for personal ministry connections

As an added bonus, Y2AM has created a cutting-edge ministry training course to help clergy and lay leaders inspire deep, authentic faith in young people. Research indicates that 60% of American teenagers fall away from the Church as they transition to young adulthood. “Effective Christian Ministry” is designed to reverse this trend and help young people develop lasting Faith.

“Effective Christian Ministry” includes Three Modules to help parents and ministry workers:

  1. Understand why young people really fall away from the Church;
  2. Develop a strategy for effective Christian ministry; and
  3. Implement that strategy with the five core practices of effective Christian ministry.

Using the code OBSERVER50 will allow you to access the course for 50% off the normal registration cost.

The coupon code expires on Friday, June 5 at 12pm Eastern.

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