Parish Highlight: Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church Campbell, Ohio

Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church in Campbell, Ohio is a thriving community with a beautiful history and extremely active parish life. Founded in 1956, Archangel Michael is now the home parish of approximately 600 families. The parish community is home to many immigrants, mostly from Kalymnos, Greece. In 2005, Proistamenos Fr. Steve Denas, who still leads the Church today, wrote "Archangel Michael Church Turns 50: an historical essay," a moving account of the development of the Archangel Michael community. 

"Workers were in the midst of the Industrial Revolution in this country, which began in the 1870’s. Many Greek immigrants from Asia Minor, Turkey, were in the first throes of deportation. Turkey wanted to be rid of the Greeks, and finally the tragedy of the Asia Minor holocaust took place in 1922. The late Bishop George of Komanon describes the situation in his book The Odyssey of Hellenism in America (p. 233):  'The year 1900 marks the beginning of accelerated growth both in the number of Greek people and in their churches in the United States. The Greeks were arriving in America by tens of thousands.  Most of them being unskilled, they accepted any kind of work that enabled them to earn a living.  They were very industrious people but in many instances were discriminated against and even hated by their co-workers of other nationalities because of their industrious zeal. In their hardships they found relief and consolation in their church.  They were prepared to make all kinds of sacrifice to build a church, or to organize a community . . . By 1906 there were 29 churches [Greek churches in the US]; by 1916 there were 59, and by 1926 there were 153.'" Fr. Denas writes. 

The dedication to their faith the Greek community in Campbell had in the early 1900s has persisted. New immigrants and Greek-Americans keep their faith and culture alive in the large, vibrant community at Archangel Michael. The parish community is home to many immigrants, mostly from Kalymnos, Greece. Active ministries at Archangel Michael include Philoptochos, the Kalymnian society, Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF), Sunday School, Greek school, and Greek Orthodox Youth of America (GOYA). The Archangel Michael GOYA is one of the largest in the Metropolis of Pittsburgh. These ministries are kept alive by the passion the parishioners have for preserving the Orthodox faith and Greek traditions. 

Fr. Steve Denas is a humble and diligent leader of the community, working tirelessly to support and maintain the life of the Church with the help of devout parishioners. 

Though maintaining parish life can be very busy, Holy Week is when all of the parish comes together to lighten the load, slow down, and reconnect and reflect on our spiritual lives through all the services. Fr. Denas is known for the passion and life he brings to each day of Holy Week, especially Holy Saturday celebrating the Glorious Resurrection of our Lord.

The Archangel Michael community welcomes all to join their parish and be a part of their loving community. For more information visit: Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church (

Photo: Archangel Michael Church and Maria Tsarnas

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