This issue of PRAXIS gives us an opportunity to contemplate the blessings that have come through the parents, wives and children that surround our deacons, priests and bishops. These precious people give love and support to those who communicate God’s love and support to all. Their familial ministry of comfort to our clergy is therefore a service towards all. For them we give thanks to God, and for them we pray for mercies to be multiplied, in this world and in the Kingdom to come.

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In This Issue


Diary of a Parish Priest
Rev. Dr. Alexander Goussetis

Toward a Better Understanding of Our Priests and Presvyteres
Dr. George Stavros

The Clergy Family Life: Q&A with Rev. Fr. Conan Gill
Interview by Sarah Parro

From Expectations to Mutual Love: The Relationship of the Clergy and Parish Family
Kerry Pappas

That the Works of God Should Be Revealed (John 9:3)
Rev. Fr. Nikolas Karloutsos

One Calling, Many Paths: Reflectiions on the Clergy Life


A Sisterhood of Christian Love at Every Stage
Nicole Keares

A Job Like No Other
Cindy Karos

Great Lent in the Home
Melissa K. Tsongranis

How to Be a Sinner – Peter Bouteneff
Reviewed by Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

Building an Orthodox Marriage: A Practical Commentary on the Eastern Orthodox Marriage Rite – Bishop John Abdallah and Nicholas G. Mamey
Reviewed by Sarah Parro

The Last Generalists
Rev. Dr. Anton C. Vrame

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