As the Church gathers to worship God as a community of believers, your Family needs to gather for worship in the home. As the Church reaches offers a witness of the presence of Christ in our world, your Family is called to reveal His love in your relationships. As the Church reaches out to serve those in need, your Family is led by our Lord to offer service in your community. As the Church teaches the true Faith, your Family needs to be a place where each member grows in spiritual knowledge and understanding. As the Church is a place of fellowship in Christ, your Family can and should be characterized by friendship, trust, and respect.

Thus, “Family as Church” affirms that the attributes of the Church, which have been revealed to us by God in Holy Scripture and through the local parish, can help you to know what it means to be a Family, a healthy Family that lives in faith and love.

This Table Prayer Guide provides prayers for daily use, for special occasions and needs, and on family topics. It can be used when you pray together as a Family, and personally when you or a family member needs to pray. It also teacher your Family about the importance of frequent prayer, and it guides you in how to pray. Our prayer is that this Guide will help you connect your Family and Church for the greater glory of God and the well-being of His People. – Introduction to Table Prayer Guide: Volume I.

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