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Statement of Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco on the Floods in California

Statement of Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco on the Floods in California

January 11, 2023
+Theodosios the Great, the Cenobite

Beloved in the Lord,

“The dark storm clouds of life bring no terror to those in whose hearts Your fire is burning brightly. Outside is the darkness of the whirlwind, the terror and howling of the storm, but in the heart, in the presence of Christ, there is light and peace, silence: Alleluia!”

Akathist Hymn: Glory to God for All Things

The deluge of rain on the west coast has caused tremendous destruction to several areas on the west coast. While our parish facilities in the affected areas of our Metropolis presently remain safe, the homes of parishioners have been damaged and the surrounding areas have been devastated as a result of these storms. These areas include Marin County, Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. There are thousands of people in these municipalities who have been adversely affected that need our prayers.

We have been in contact with our clergy and will continue to monitor this situation as more intense storms are expected through this weekend. Though the land is parched and the water is a welcome relief from years of drought, the volume and intensity of the rain continues to overwhelm the ground, and it is creating dangerous conditions not just with flooding, but with mudslides and erosion.

As one family in Christ, it is important that we lift each other up in prayer and call upon the Lord to calm the wind, cease the rain, and restore the beautiful surroundings that have been devastated by these intense storms. For all those suffering, may the Lord grant them strength as they endure the challenges brought forth by these storms, and may their hearts be granted peace. Our parishes are asked to please offer a special Paraklesis Service to the Theotokos, seeking her intercessions and her motherly consolation and comfort.

The Metropolis of San Francisco will continue to monitor these areas as the storms persist, and will share any vital updates in the coming days.

Praying that the Lord’s mighty Hand may protect all those in the path of these storms, and lift them up in this time of great need, I remain,


With Love in Christ,

+Metropolitan Gerasimos of San Francisco


Photo Credit:  Associated Press

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