Episode 2 of the Parish Leadership Series features Joseph Kormos.


About the Parish Leadership Series at HCHC

"Parish Leadership" is a series of 1-hour presentations on various aspects of parish leadership. Each 1-hour talk is offered with natural 15-minute sections to permit parish councils and ministry leaders to watch all or part of each video as time allows.

Leadership Moments with Joseph Kormos:

Each presentation is edited to provide a number of short, informative, inspirational "LEADERSHIP MOMENTS" to be shared among parish leadership to open meetings and to share on social media:

  1. "Can this Parish Become More Vibrant?" (2:04) 
  2. "Why Grow?" (2:14) 
  3. "What is NOT a Vibrant Parish?" (2:58) 
  4. "The Healthy Parish in Scripture" (2:32) 
  5. "Recognizing a Pattern of Decline" (2:36) 
  6. "Focusing our Efforts" (3:44) 
  7. "A Parish Evaluation Plan" (9:14) 

This series is provided by the Department of Outreach and Evangelism.

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