National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians Celebrates National Church Music Sunday

National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians Celebrates National Church Music Sunday

The National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians will celebrate National Church Music Sunday October 2, 2022.  This annual celebration occurs the first Sunday after the observance of the feast day of St. Romanos, the Patron Saint of the National Forum and church musicians, which falls on October 1st.   The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America sets this day aside each year to recognize and honor all of its church musicians. 

The National Forum invites parishes throughout the Archdiocese to celebrate their musicians and offers suggestions for those celebrations to each parish.  Materials to celebrate National Church Music Sunday are also made available to parish priests, choirs directors, parish council and Philoptochos Presidents in the celebration packet which is mailed to each of these individuals.  The celebration packet includes 21 celebration ideas, commemoratives available from the National Forum and prayers for church musicians.  Our website lists these and additional  materials and ideas at  As is tradition, a poster is created each year and is included in the National Forum packet.  Once again, George Theodossiou of Brockton, MA, has created this year’s beautiful poster which depicts the icon of the Last Supper. 

The mission of the National Forum is to enhance and perpetuate the liturgical music of the Greek Orthodox Church.  We accomplish this by serving as the voice of church musicians, providing learning activities that strengthen church musicians spiritually, musically and educationally.  We address specific church music needs of our clergy, choir directors, organists, choir members, composers, church schools and congregations.  Of course, as the musical arm of the Archdiocese, we collaborate with other Archdiocesan departments to address church music needs. The National Forum works on a number of programs and projects throughout the year.  Please visit our website to support our many programs by becoming a National Forum Steward.  church



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